User Research

We don’t assume to know what your customers think, or how they behave. We do use a wide variety of robust research methods to discover who they are and what they need.

Your company and customers should always be at the centre of the design process

And user-centred design should always be based on a solid foundation of research. We do this by discovering more about your target users and also looking into any relevant behaviour and trends. This helps us to build a better picture of who your customers are and what they want from the experience.


We speak to target users to explore current use and future needs.

Typical techniques:

  • Surveys
  • Depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • True Intent
  • Analytics reviews


We observe current behaviour to undercover hidden needs.

Typical techniques:


We report the insights using empathy-building visuals.

Typical techniques:

Case Studies

User Research

Gaining tourist insights through eye tracking

Researching user requirements and information architecture, creating prototypes and usability testing internationally to improve conversions and the user experience.

View Gaining tourist insights through eye tracking project

The logistics of putting customers first

We helped our client take their first UX steps and onto a rewarding journey through service design to deliver a new, streamlined customer platform.

View The logistics of putting customers first project

Call Centre Customer Experience

Helping a leading broadcaster deliver smooth end-to-end user journeys that delight customers and employees alike.

View Call Centre Customer Experience project

Shaping a world-class experience for Emirates

Award-winning user experience design projects around the world, delivering increased conversions and remarkable customer experiences worldwide.

View Shaping a world-class experience for Emirates project

Successfully embedding inclusive design UX processes

Creating an inclusive design strategy across five websites, six discrete audiences and literally thousands of pages; we love complex challenges!

View Successfully embedding inclusive design UX processes project

Optimising the Parliamentary digital experience

How our Top Tasks Management approach focused and redefined the Scottish Parliament's new website.

View Optimising the Parliamentary digital experience project

An experience to remember

The five-star treatment starts online thanks to user-centred design from personas through to usability testing.

View An experience to remember project

Unveiling customer needs

At the start of their digital transformation programme, SRUC asked us to find out more about customer needs to shape their service blueprints and their digital offering.

View Unveiling customer needs project

Banking on UX

Providing over 15 years of UX expertise to this online bank with many impressive results.

View Banking on UX project

Aligning cross-channel customer strategy

Defining a cross-channel strategy with a consistent customer focus.

View Aligning cross-channel customer strategy project

Driving the customer experience

Designing a multi-touchpoint, full service experience for Citylink.

View Driving the customer experience project

Building an internal UX team

Developing a UX Strategy to give a new, internal team a clear vision, purpose and the skills to add value to the wider organisation.

View Building an internal UX team project
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