Banking on UX

An outside wall with an orange mural and Sainsbury Bank ATMs

The challenge

In the competitive online banking market, a good online customer experience can be a powerful tool. With the influx of mobile banking and new bank challengers, FS has never been a more competitive market, coupled with that, the introduction of ‘Open Banking’ means that banks need to work hard to provide an innovative and intuitive user experience that exceeds the needs of an ever evolving customer base.

We started working with Sainsbury’s Bank in 2003 to improve conversion rates and tackle usability issues on their site.

Then, as a closer integration between all of their channels began, we undertook iterative testing required to make sure there was an effective and cohesive user experience.

Our approach

Over more than 15 years we’ve undertaken a large number of projects to help deliver a positive user experience every time. This has included:

Working together with Sainsbury’s Bank, this lead to a number of important changes. These have included:

  • Introducing strong calls to action and benefit-led content style, to help increase conversion rates.
  • Helping to standardise third party providers and brand processes to the Sainsbury’s Bank brand meant a more consistent user experience.
  • Influencing third party vendors to change and improve quote processes.
  • Contributing to a redesign of the bank’s website making sure that it had the best user experience.
  • Providing bespoke UX and Accessibility training workshops to core internal teams to ensure that UX and Accessibility are built into the UCD process

The results

We helped Sainsbury’s Bank to increase conversion rates. Some examples of our successes are:

  • By fixing an error messaging problem, we reduced the drop-off rate on an application process by 25%.
  • By identifying a change in the payment protection insurance, we created a more positive user experience and increased conversion rates by eight times.
  • Early involvement in the redesign of the theme page meant an increase in efficiency from 70% to 90%.

Overall, our work with Sainsbury’s Bank has meant a consistently strong and positive customer experience. It’s also helped to influence business decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

With each piece of work undertaken by User Vision their recommendations have had a positive impact and improved the profitabiliy of our business. User Vision is like an extension of our team; we really enjoy working with them, they are great fun, while being very focused and professional.
- Online Services Manager

Services utilised

Our core services compliment each other to deliver better results

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