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Our Training Suite offers a wide range of in-house and public courses throughout the year in a variety of UX specialisms, including psychology, accessibility, CPUX, Axure and strategy. And we're now offering all of them in our virtual classrooms! Learn more about all the training and development opportunities we offer.

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Find out more about the event: Web Accessibility for Managers


This course serves as a general introduction to accessibility. It is designed to help managers ensure that accessibility is embedded into business processes so that digital services are as inclusive as possible.

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Find out more about the event: Web accessibility for Designers


This course will introduce accessibility design thinking and how to design usable and accessible experiences for everyone. We will discuss removing barriers that inhibit access to digital services by people with disabilities, and we will cover how accessibility is achieved through content and design.

This is a practical course for designers, front-end developers and content authors.  We will show you how to comply with WCAG 2.1 and what you need to consider when creating accessible digital experiences.

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Find out more about the event: UX Strategy – Design Leadership


Are you in the process of building up the UX capacity in your organisation? Would you like to learn more about how you can introduce more user centred design thinking and processes?

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Find out more about the event: Usability & UX - Foundation Certification (CPUX-F)


Do you want to learn about and apply the User Centred Design (UCD) process, develop your UX skills and gain an internationally recognised UX accreditation? Then our Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation (CPUX - F) UX training course is perfect for you.

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Find out more about the event: Web Accessibility for Developers


This two day course is aimed at web developers who would like to create inclusive digital products that will comply with standards and be usable by all.

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Find out more about the event: UX Psychology - Designing for Humans


Good design is based on a deep understanding of how we humans think and operate. In this course, we will cover areas such as cognitive biases, emotion, decision making processes and persuasion and influence. We will discuss how these principles relate to design and show you how you can apply these principles to your own designs and customer journeys to create more intuitive, effective, and pleasant customer experiences.

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