Our research studios

Designed by researchers, for researchers.

As researchers ourselves, we understand how important it is to have the right research studios.

Our three studios are designed very much with research in mind. They’re flexible, comfortable and fitted out with all the technology you’ll ever need.

Our studios play an important part in any projects we’re working on with our clients. But, they’re also available to hire if you have a research project of your own.

Our facilities

Focus Group Room

Our large, spacious Focus Group room holds up to 12 people, with a viewing space for 8 clients. It’s ideal for all types of research, as well as off-site meetings, workshops and training courses.


  • Spacious room with large boardroom table
  • Observation through large one-way mirror
  • Projector (HDMI, VGA and Airplay inputs)
  • High definition video recording (MP4) of sessions
  • MP3 audio recording
  • Remote observation via secure online streaming

See our gallery of photos for our three studios.

User Experience Lab

This state-of-the-art space includes eye tracking to give a real-time view of where participants are looking. It’s perfect for usability testing or depth interviews. Clients can watch through a one-way mirror and flat screen TV as shown in our photo gallery.


  • Comfortable observation suite for 7 people
  • Two high-definition TVs to view cameras, PC and mobile feeds from lab
  • High definition picture-in-picture recording (MP4) of sessions
  • Observation through large one-way mirror
  • Remote observation via secure online streaming

The Lounge

Designed like a real lounge, this comfortable room is ideal for more informal groups. As can be seen in our photos, The lounge itself sits 8 people, while the spacious observation room allows up to 6 observers to watch the session via a large TV.


  • High-definition TV (HDMI, VGA and AirPlay™ inputs)
  • Remote controlled cameras, so you can focus on what you want to see
  • High definition picture-in-picture recording (MP4) of sessions
  • MP3 audio recording
Want to hire our research facilities? We’ll make it happen. Get in touch