Shaping better experiences.

The best user experiences don’t happen by accident. They’re shaped by a deep understanding of human behaviour.

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UX Strategy

User-centred design needs a clear vision and a dedicated team. To make this happen, we’ll help to set your strategy and build a successful team that can deliver outstanding experiences for customers.

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User Research

We don’t assume to know what your customers think, or how they behave. We do use a wide variety of robust research methods to discover who they are and what they need.

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Service Design

We realise that excellent design is a careful blend of art and science. We use all the insights gathered to help shape services and experiences that are useful, useable and engaging.

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Experience Evaluation

If it doesn’t work for your users, it just doesn’t work. We use a variety of techniques to test your products and services to make sure they’re always delivering the best experiences.

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Greater accessibility helps you reach a wider audience, including people who are disabled. We test your designs and content with a range of different users to identify best practice in this area.

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The best way to understand experience and service design is to learn from the experts. From specially designed in-house courses, to half and full-day classes, we offer a range of highly-acclaimed training opportunities.

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An in-depth understanding of your business and customers.

Whatever kind of project we’re working on, we always start by getting an in-depth understanding of your business and customers.

Then, our team will work together with you, putting experience and design at the heart of everything digital you create. As the design develops, we’ll evaluate the user experience to make sure it’s working for your customers.

Our studios

Our state-of-the-art studios are designed by researchers for researchers. Our three flexible spaces in the heart of Edinburgh are available to hire. And, whatever project you have in mind, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

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