UX Strategy

User-centred design needs a clear vision and a dedicated team. To make this happen, we’ll help to set your strategy and build a successful team that can deliver outstanding experiences for customers.

A UX strategy is the starting point for improving the user experience.

It takes into account your company’s overall business objectives, looking at the user experience across all of your customer touch-points. To achieve this, we’ll work together with your team to make sure there’s a clear vision of what the customer experience should be across the organisation.


We work with teams to help set the vision for what the experience will be and how it can be achieved.

Typical techniques:

  • Strategy workshops
  • Visioning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Innovation


We help teams build effective governance, so UX is consistent and effective.

Typical techniques:

  • Process mapping
  • Measurement definition
  • Design patterns


We help to develop teams through targeted training and mentoring.

Typical techniques:

Case Studies

UX Strategy

A healthy dose of UX training

Skilling up an internal UX team with professional, international accreditation and a tailored training programme.

View A healthy dose of UX training project

UX training across the globe

When RBI banking group embarked on their new, global website redesign, they came to User Vision for a 'street smart' and practical approach to training their global internal UX team.

View UX training across the globe project

Aligning cross-channel customer strategy

Defining a cross-channel strategy with a consistent customer focus.

View Aligning cross-channel customer strategy project

Driving the customer experience

Designing a multi-touchpoint, full service experience for Citylink.

View Driving the customer experience project

Delving into car buying behaviours

Our 'in-the-moment' research techniques followed the car buying journey from search to purchase, and helped our leading UK motor finance client decide upon the validity of a new customer proposition.

View Delving into car buying behaviours project

Building an internal UX team

Developing a UX Strategy to give a new, internal team a clear vision, purpose and the skills to add value to the wider organisation.

View Building an internal UX team project

Collaboratively Addressing Diverse Needs in Chronic Disease Management

Discover how OMRON's innovative approach to healthcare is transforming patient care. Their multi-disease platform, built on mixed methods research and co-design principles, revolutionises chronic disease management for both patients and healthcare practitioners.

View Collaboratively Addressing Diverse Needs in Chronic Disease Management project
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