Experience Evaluation

If it doesn’t work for your users, it just doesn’t work. We use a variety of techniques to test your products and services to make sure they’re always delivering the best experiences.

Once the initial design phase is complete, we’ll evaluate the experience with your target users.

As we test out the functionality, we’ll continually feedback the findings – highlighting any issues that have come up along the way. This will allow your developers to constantly improve the user experience.

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We use a variety of evaluation techniques to identify potential barriers to use, and form actionable solutions.

Typical techniques:


We test with your target users to get the feedback straight from the horse’s mouth.

Typical techniques:


Continual improvement comes from comparing your experience over time, and against your competitors.

Typical techniques:

Case Studies

Experience Evaluation

Successfully embedding inclusive design UX processes

Creating an inclusive design strategy across five websites, six discrete audiences and literally thousands of pages; we love complex challenges!

View Successfully embedding inclusive design UX processes project

An experience to remember

The five-star treatment starts online thanks to user-centred design from personas through to usability testing.

View An experience to remember project

Aligning cross-channel customer strategy

Defining a cross-channel strategy with a consistent customer focus.

View Aligning cross-channel customer strategy project

Shaping a world-class experience for Emirates

Award-winning user experience design projects around the world, delivering increased conversions and remarkable customer experiences worldwide.

View Shaping a world-class experience for Emirates project
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