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Creativity Cards

5 December 2019

Creativity cards is a quick-fire concept generation game that helps boost design thinking with the basics of pen and paper. This is an amazing tool for anyone looking to have some fun while improving their creative confidence.

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What a WUD!

5 December 2019

World Usability Day 2019 was our biggest yet! Find out more about our activities this year.

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Voice prototyping with Alexa Blueprints

2 December 2019

Amazon recently announced Alexa Blueprints are a great way to try out building your own skill. If you're considering building a skill, these can be a great way of prototyping how it might work.

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Challenging Assumptions: The Top Tasks Empathy Score

29 November 2019

At User Vision's World Usability Day (WUD) event on Thursday 14th November, one of the items that we showcased for our guests was the Top Tasks Management methodology.

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Key Experience Indicators

27 November 2019

How do we know if our products and services are delivering the desired outcome? Do we even know what the desired outcome is? Do we strive to capture what is important to measure, or instead opt for what is easy to measure? As part of World Usability Day 2019, we considered these questions as we looked at the whole area of KPIs for UX, or Key Experience Indicators (KEIs) as they are often referred to.

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Fascinating insights from the IIeXBehaviour Conference

26 November 2019

At the leading conference on behavioural economics insights we were inspired by many stories of how subtle persuasions can nudge us toward significant life changes.

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A Taste of Accessibility

25 November 2019

Can you make a good coffee, or do you colleagues always ask for tea? We brewed coffee and learnt about the importance of standards in the world of coffee and beyond. Because the web, like coffee, tastes better with standards. Find out more from our World Usability Day 2019 event.

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Accessibility Discovery

21 November 2019

Find out about how our accessibility team led an engaging accessibility activity at World Usability Day to get people thinking about how individuals with different disabilities have specific requirements when it comes to accessing digital products.

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What is eye-tracking useful for?

19 November 2019

At World Usability Day 2019, we explored how effective different Smart Meter interfaces are at displaying energy consumption information to showcase how eye-tracking can be used.

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World Usability Day 2019

18 November 2019

Here at User Vision we are reflecting on another busy and insightful afternoon we had at our office in Edinburgh. With 120 people through the door for 2019’s WUD event it was our largest yet with people travelling from across the city, Glasgow and even London for the UK’s only hosted event for World Usability Day.

Read the article: World Usability Day 2019
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