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The challenge

The NHS Digital team understood the importance of user-centred design and good user experiences across their websites and apps. But, they wanted to expand their user research capabilities – to help them apply the right amount of user-focused design at all times.

As their team grew, they realised there were varying levels of in-house UX skills. So, they asked us to work with them to establish a high and consistent level of user experience knowledge across the whole team, with a comprehensive training programme.

Our approach

We agreed to deliver a Foundation level course for the UX Qualification Board’s Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience. The course follows the user-centred design lifecycle of the International Standard ISO 9241 Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems. It includes:

  • Conducting user research and understanding the context of use.
  • Establishing the user requirements.
  • Solution design.
  • Experience evaluation methods. 

Throughout the course we provided examples and practical exercises to give everyone involved hands-on experience in applying the methods.

We also customised the course especially for the NHS. This meant re-creating exercises in a public health context as well as revising examples, case studies and exercises to be directly relevant for the NHS UX research and design audience.

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The result

The course was delivered in two separate locations for over 20 user researchers, market researchers and UI/UX designers.  And, it was a real success story – with over 95% of the participants passing the certification exam to gain their CPUX Foundation certification from the UXQB. The team has been applying their learning to help ensure that NHS systems are built with the end users firmly in mind.

The knowledge and experience of the User Vision team was self-evident and provided great confidence in defining objectives, understanding what was required for the team, and taking forward the training.

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