User Vision remote training – now online!

7 April 2020 - Chris Rourke

User Vision has delivered training for most of our 20 years and it has mostly been delivered in person in a dynamic classroom environment with exercises and activities to put the learnings into practice. Recent events with COVID-19 have caused us to bring forward an idea that we have been planning: delivering our live training remotely to delegates anywhere in the world!

As many people have been discovering recently, there are many systems to support video conferencing, collaborative working and socialising online. Our system of choice is Zoom, a powerful and simple way to bring together groups of people which has many features to enhance training such as break-out rooms, screen-sharing and various types of interactions. This is great for the workshops and interactive portions of our courses, so that participants can have the same hands-on learning wherever they are.

We are excited to be delivering our courses online and especially at the moment it brings some great advantages:

Safe learning environment - our virtual classroom courses give you access from anywhere in the world meaning you can learn, safely and collaboratively, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an internet connected device and you’re ready to go.

Same expert trainers - the learning format may be different, but you still get access to our highly experienced team of user researchers and experience designers. The best in the industry, they’ll utilise active learning, helping with your retention of course material.

Interactive and immersive learning environment - although trainees are physically distant, we make everyone feel welcome and with our interactive exercises, practical workshops and discussions throughout you’ll be highly engaged as you learn.

Same great content - our virtual courses meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training, with the same engaging materials and the same interaction. We have adapted some of them slightly, delivering shorter bursts of content to make them more digestible.

A simple and usable system - we chose Zoom after comparing various learning environments and although it is packed with features it is simple to learn and use.

Limited class size - Although our online training can welcome a large number of attendees, we want to ensure that we provide quality engagement with everyone, so we will limit the number of attendees on all our courses to 20 people maximum.

Delivery of Exams - some of our courses, such as our CPUX courses, conclude with an examination and we have a system in place for the invigilation of the exams with our partners iSQI.

Check out our upcoming range of UX training courses and we look forward to welcoming you to our online training soon!

We are family!

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Everyday accessibility

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User Vision is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 21st May. It's an area we've been passionate about and promoting for the past 20 years! Watch our video to learn more.

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16 December 2019

Part of our World Usability Day 2020 series. Smart home technologies have proliferated over the last few years as part of the expansion of the Internet of Things. Whilst a lot of these technologies use the same or similar connectivity protocols (Zigbee, Z-Wave or WiFi), they rarely interact with each other in a way that would benefit the user nor are they necessarily easy to set up and use.

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