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The UX Toolbox - Top Tasks

15 June 2018 - Chris Rourke

Tools on a bench demonstrating the UX toolbox

Do you know your Top Tasks?

We have recently enhanced our Information Architecture offering with a powerful and proven methodology developed by Gerry McGovern – Top Tasks. We can now determine with statistical certainty what your customers want to do on your site (or your staff want to do on your intranet). In addition, the results will reveal what content is important to customers, and what is not (and can therefore be removed), which will form a critical pillar of your content strategy.

How will we help you?

We establish what your customers’ top tasks actually are, involving internal and external stakeholders to produce a list of everything customers might want to do on your website and then researching this with your end users to rank, rate and prioritise tasks.

We’ll develop a hypothesis for a customer-centric information architecture based around those tasks, and refine it using iterative tree-testing until test participants are approaching a first-click success rate approaching 90%.

Once this customer-centric IA is implemented and the site (or intranet) is live, we can perform quantitative user testing to ensure that other elements of your website – such as the content and design of key landing pages, how links are written and displayed, and how site search supports the top tasks – are optimized to ensure your customers get the right content at the right time with ease and efficiency.

With these insights and a clear understanding of user journeys and priorities, we create essential milestones of user-centred design such as site maps, wireframes, customer journey maps, and content guidelines that can be used to brief the graphic designers and technical teams as the development evolves.

What next?

If you would like to learn more about how User Vision’s Top Tasks can help you directly, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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