The UX Toolbox - Customer Journey Maps

18 July 2018 - Amy McInnes

Tools on a bench demonstrating the UX toolbox

What is it all about?

Customer journey mapping is a core element of service design and lets you capture your customer’s user journeys to help you find the opportunities to provide a better user experience.

Typically presented chronologically, these maps show you your user expectations, interactions, and experiences across your various channels and devices.

How will we help you?

Through consulting with your team, conducting ethnographical research methods and targeted customer research we capture and document your essential customer journeys.

These are annotated to show opportunities to delight, critical points in the journey and moments of truth where a customer’s experience with your service or brand can be made – or broken.

We apply a combination of tried and tested research methods as well as our own research innovations to make sure that we truly and deeply understand the nuances of the customer journey.

We then chart it all – the highs and lows, digital interactions and offline experiences – into a clear picture that encapsulates the customer journeys so that together we can identify the best opportunities to improve your customer’s experience.

Photo montage of user personas and journey mapping

A clear customer journey map deserves better than to be left on paper. We bring them to life, test and enhance them through interactive workshops with you.

Together with personas, customer journey maps are an essential part of service design to make sure that whatever is being designed actually works for your customer.

What Next?

To find out more about customer journey maps and how they can be applied to gain practical insight and improve your customer experience, just contact us.

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