Usability testing

To create truly user-centred designs and great user experiences, you need to involve your actual users. Usability testing throughout the development stage allows your design team to capture this valuable input.

What’s it all about?

Usability testing captures a current or potential customer’s interaction with your digital solution, allowing you to identify potential problems before they become part of the project’s final design.

Based on realistic tasks, your business objectives and your users, we create realistic scenarios to be followed in the test sessions.

Each participant performs a series of tasks and describes their experience and strategies for performing the task. Throughout the process, we observe their behaviour and where necessary ask questions to better understand the person’s experience.

How do we help?

We perform all aspects of usability testing, from recruiting representative participants through to moderating tests, analysing data and presenting results.

Tests can be carried out in our state-of-the-art testing lab facilities or – if the target audience is distributed– we can perform remote moderated usability testing. In all cases the test sessions can be viewed remotely via the web, so your team can follow the session live wherever they are.

Whether you are developing a new product or digital solution, usability testing delivers essential empirical insights at any stage of the process. The direct feedback from users builds their needs into the design, helping you to create a truly compelling and successful user experience.

What next?

To learn more about how User testing can improve your current website, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and individual opportunities.

User testing

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