Prototypes and wireframes are the best vehicles for the journey of user-centred design, to gather user feedback, evaluate your work and ensure you’re going the right way.

What is it all about? 

As much as we’d all like to, no one gets it 100% right the first time. So its best to follow a careful and iterative process. Prototypes and wireframes enable evaluations to identify which parts of the new user experience work well and where improvements are needed.

It’s an important part of the development stage, helping to blend your organisation’s business goals, information architecture, user needs and content strategy into the evolving design

We create wireframes and prototypes to accommodate the evidence gathered during tests carried out at various stages of the process.

Many designs start  on paper or a whiteboard.  Indeed, simple paper prototyping – including the information architecture and core content – is often the best place to consider initial concepts and options.

As the design progresses the fidelity of the prototype increases – it gets closer to the real thing.  Later versions can be highly interactive, allowing a more realistic representation of the website, software or mobile experience.

Iterative prototyping and usability testing cut off potentially poor design decisions before they are built in to your solution, saving you the cost and headache of expensive redesign.

How do we help?

Working closely with our clients and design partners, we create everything from low fidelity wireframes to highly interactive prototypes. These are based on  sound user research, information architecture analysis, content strategy and stakeholder requirements.

User Vision works with all prototyping tools, from pen and paper to Axure, our tool of choice for more high fidelity and realistic prototypes.

These are created  in collaboration with our clients, shared and, most importantly, evaluated through usability testing and expert usability evaluations to identify where to improve the experience.

It’s a quick process, allowing you to evaluate and improve the user experience at every stage.  We  often prototype as part of an agile or lean UX design process that helps deliver the best result with reduced time and resources.

Whether you are developing  a mobile interface, software, website or other solution, User Vision can shape it  through wireframing, rapid prototyping and iterative design to create the best possible user experience.

What next?

To learn more about how prototyping can help you, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and individual opportunities.

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