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User Experience (UX) has evolved from a collection of effective but disparate tactical methods into a fully-fledged mindset that is understood and practiced by some of the most successful organisations and businesses worldwide.

Their success is built on delivering  great customer experiences at every opportunity, from the digital touchpoints and beyond – and it does not come about by accident. Instead, it results from the business understanding how important good user experience is for the wider business success and then making it happen with the help of  a clear User Experience Strategy.

This is where User Vision starts our journey with our clients.  Even if our initial engagement is a tactical activity such as usability testing, we need to establish its connection to  the overall business goals.

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Our insightful and energising workshops with business stakeholders and partners help everyone clearly understand where the organisation’s UX opportunities lie and how their organisation can deliver an unparalleled user experience..  We set goals and metrics to help us measure how we are doing on this journey, and establish the internal and external resources to make it happen.

The journey continues based on a deep understanding of the customers and the business landscape.  We can perform key activities such as user experience benchmarking against key competitors, as well as focus groups, depth interviews and surveys to get under the skin of the target users.

We identify what is needed to meet and exceed the changing demands of the target user, whether they are switched on digital natives or those less familiar with technology.  We understand  these user types  and document this through personas, customer journey maps and other deliverable to feed into the design process.

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User Research & Strategy

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