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A user experience strategy helps you align the user experience across all of your customer touchpoints with your business strategy and goals. And it’s essential in today’s fast-changing technology landscape.

What is it all about?

Although many companies benefit from applying individual user-centred design methods such as usability testing, persona development and prototyping, they are not realising the full potential of user experience and service design unless these are woven into a comprehensive user experience strategy and plan.

With multiple customer touchpoints, and responsibilities typically split within a company, it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing expectations of what constitutes a good experience. Our UX strategy and planning delivers a comprehensive and holistic view of the customer experience and is a great starting point for improving the user experience.

How do we help?

User Vision helps organisations realise the opportunity from measuring the current experience, setting goals and priorities for improvement, and then harnessing the resources and activities to make it happen.

The most effective business strategies account for all customer touchpoints. Therefore, we work with the company leaders to ensure there is a clear vision of the desired customer experience across the organisation. We can help create the user experience business case and even measure the company’s current position relative to UX maturity models.

Once agreed, progress against the customer experience goals can be tracked through qualitative and quantitative measures, often delivered via individual user experience evaluation techniques. Whether these are subjective feedback or commercial evidence such as sales and conversions, it is important to track these metrics relative to the user experience plan and established goals.

User experience strategies and implementation plans are highly dependant on the company structure, resources and their market. To discuss your business and to plan an effective user experience strategy, please contact us.

What next?

To learn more about how Strategy and Planning can help you, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and individual opportunities.

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