We are proud to have clients from all over the world in many different sectors and we are particularly proud that over 90% of our clients have remained with User Vision for many years.

Hear what some of our clients have said about us.

User Vision have become part of our extended team and we rely on them to ensure that we are getting it right when it comes to accessibility and user experience.

Their prompt friendly service means that they can be replied upon to fit in with project deadlines and their comprehensive reports and presentations allow us to easily incorporate recommended enhancements into our service design……..

We consider the feedback we receive from User Vision to be a vital part of the development of our service and are consulting with them on an ongoing basis as we redesign our service from end to end. Knowing from the start that we have this support reassures me as the business owner that we can validate our service at design stage and scope further ongoing enhancements following launch.

This is a fundamental aspect of our service delivery.

Acting Online Services Manager, Student Loans Company

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We have worked with User Vision for some years now to improve the effectiveness of our consumer web sites.

They have undertaken usability studies, focus groups and online evaluations for us to provide the means to address areas of under performance and issues effecting usability.

With each piece of work undertaken by User Vision we are able to make changes to our online processes that have a positive impact and in turn improves the profitabiliy of our business.

User Vision are a very friendly and professional organisation and we have formed very good relationships with them over the years.

eCommerce, Sainsbury’s Bank

We have had a long association with User Vision who have provided specialist usability and accessibility expertise to us.

We recently released significant new developments to two of our online tools and User Vision provided high quality test plans, facilitation of the testing sessions and comprehensive feedback and recommendations.

We have always found the analysis provided by User Vision to be insightful and clear to understand.

Head of Information and Projects, Turn2us

User Vision provided a fast and prompt response both during the initial approach and preparation of Our Report

The report was very engaging and excellently put together. Also very detailed (a necessary requirement) however, each section was succinctly written.

The Word version of the report enabled us to quickly prepare our action plan by externally benchmarking against a recognised framework and confirmation of the feedback received from our User group.  We were Impressed by the expertise and delivery

Resourcing & Development, Royal Bank of Scotland

Our website is continuously developing. Our aim is to be as customer focussed as possible. We are delighted that this recent survey shows that we have listened to our customers and made improvements that will benefit them.

Web Developer, Careers Scotland

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I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality, thoroughness and speed of your work – the insights you’ve given us have made us slap our heads over some things that are staring us in the face; on the other hand it’s also validated some of the things that we’ve been saying need attention for ages.

Clearly this gives me the ammunition I need in justifying demands for development resource!

On a more personal note, my team have all found it a most enjoyable experience working with you both – I just hope our informal approach hasn’t been too much of a culture shock!

Website Manager – Britannia Building Society

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User Vision’s extensive expertise in user interaction design gave us the insights that enabled us, from the very early design phase, to make the configuration of complex mathematical algorithms simple to follow for the user.

They also worked with us to solve the problem of presenting large amounts of high-dimensional data to our users in a clear, concise and meaningful way.

This focus, especially so early in our design phase, has enabled us to build a product that users have repeatedly described as powerful, yet simple to use and clutter-free.

Epistemy, Co-Founder & Software Leader


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The environment was tranquil, tastefully laid out and there were no distractions; exactly what you would expect to keep people focussed under these conditions.

Product Marketing Manager, Keypoint Technologies UK

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User Vision quickly developed an understanding of the issues we face with the website as we move from developing to delivering the new national qualifications.

Their insights showed how the structure and content needed to be changed to better meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Their thorough research and evidence based recommendations have given us a clear way forward and shown that the changes we’ve implemented have improved our service.


Web Manager, SQA

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By offering an independent and expert view, User Vision helped us to create a handsome design that is highly usable and has become one of our best selling products.

We continue to work with User Vision on other products because we trust their expertise and value their independent assessment of our products

UX project manager, Honeywell

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As a result of the User Vision study, we are updating our site as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in usability. We have already made improvements to the ‘contact agent’ process for people wishing to enquire about a particular property directly with an agent….Enquiries to agents increased by 45% since the enhancement went live in mid-July.

Marketing Director, thinkproperty.com

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The research that User Vision came back with really helped us know our original scope for the website was on the right track and aligning to research previously done offline by DC Thomson.

The experience provided a great insight for a variety of staff within DC Thomson which we plan to use in future projects. The work also helped us develop our persona based solutions which we always refer to when discussing any aspect of the site, it’s a user experience and the user journey which we gained from User Vision.

The User Vision team were fantastic to work with and very accommodating to our demands. We have a good working relationship with User Vision and will call on their expertise again in future projects no doubt.

Senior Project Manager, DC Thomson

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