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Providing information and services via mobile is critical to your business success. Our mobile user experience services include research, design and evaluation to ensure that you provide a great experience on mobiles and tablets.

What is it all about?

Where is your target audience? At home or the office in front of a desktop or out and about with their smartphone? Increasingly it is the latter and the growth in mobile traffic means that mobile-friendly sites and apps are a crucial face of the organisation.

Not only is mobile a major revenue stream for commercial businesses, it is also an important part of the multi-channel user experience for all sectors. The potential for delivering mGovernment can best be achieved through highly usable and compelling mobile user journeys. Creating mobile solutions comes with both opportunities and challenges due to the context of use and user expectations.

With less screen space to play with, presenting the right information and services is an even greater challenge than with desktops. However, you can optimise the presentation, navigation and interaction design to make the mobile UX seamless – and even fun!

How do we help?

Our job starts with helping you understand exactly what your users want on their smartphones and tablets and then designing the best experience from there. The ways that we shape and optimise the mobile user experience range from early strategy workshops – considering apps vs. sites, responsive or adaptive designs – through to post-launch user testing.

Our mobile UX services include:

  • Mobile strategy workshops – working with stakeholders to understand mobile goals, challenges and business opportunities
  • Mobile usability testing – whether it is direct or remote testing we follow the same robust method as our traditional usability testing  to gather valuable empirical evidence, only for the smaller screen
  • Expert evaluations – applying the structured expert evaluation process to ensure that best practice principles for mobile UX are being applied through the full user journey
  • User Interface (UI) libraries – setting out guidelines to ensure consistency across the design process
  • Training courses – giving you and your team the necessary mobile UX design knowledge to produce highly effective mobile websites

What to do next

To find out how we can help you create a great mobile or tablet experience for your customers, please contact us.

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