Advertising research

Through eye tracking and other advanced techniques we can find out how well your ads work for your customers and help deliver the maximum return on investment for your campaigns.

What is it all about?

Does an advertisement emotionally engage customers? Is the copy read and are calls to action noticed?

Modern consumers are surrounded by hundreds of images seeking their attention – and their business. Making your advert stand out can be difficult.

However, by using modern scientific methods to measure psycho-physiological responses, we can help identify those that work best and help you optimise others for maximum impact.

Pre-testing creatives gives you an unparalleled chance to see how your designs resonate emotionally with your customers, giving you the confidence to select the most effective designs.

How do we help?

Advertising research uses advanced eye-tracking and physiological response measurement technology, as well as attitudinal research questionnaires to measure the immediate emotional reactions to your advertising creatives.

We also research the degree to which the copy is being read, and whether calls to action  and your brand are being noticed.


Identifying emotional responses, recording the structure of the experience, and assessing whether people read copy
Identifying emotional responses, recording the structure of the experience, and assessing whether people read copy

What can you test?

  • Print advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Website visuals and banner ads
  • Consumer packaging
  • Point-of-sale material
  • Book and magazine covers

Advertising research provides insights such as:

  • Which of several designs options will have the most positive emotional impact?
  • Do all customers have the same reaction?
  • Do your customers know what to do next?
  • Are you unintentionally distracting customers with certain design elements?

Our deliverables from emotion and attention research help you understand how your customers interact with your advertising, providing powerful insights into the effectiveness of your advertising creatives.

What next?

To learn more about how User Vision’s emotion and attention research in advertising can help you, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and individual opportunities.

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