The Law Society of Scotland

The Challenge

The Law Society of Scotland had anecdotal evidence that the site was not serving its visitors as well as they hoped. It was felt that the categorisation of content might not match the expectations of visitors and that there was no definitive evidence about what they wanted to do most often on the site.

What We Did

We began by running a Top Tasks Identification project to establish the needs of visitors to the website. Working closely with the Law Society’s web team, we developed a list of all tasks that visitors would want to accomplish on the site. Then we ran a survey for visitors in which they ranked the importance of all of these tasks. The output of this stage was a list of tasks in order of importance to visitors, and as is common in these projects, there were some surprises.



Using the top 25 tasks from the previous stage, we ran an online card sorting project to get the views of site visitors on how they felt the content should be organised. Using the most important tasks made the card sort more valuable and served as a solid basis for developing a site classification that was as customer-centric as possible.

The card sorting gave us the data to create a new information architecture, which we validated using online tree-testing. The results of this testing allowed us to adjust our proposed IA and product a final version that will allow site visitors to find what they need more easily and efficiently.

The Outcome

We delivered an optimised information architecture, based on content that is most important to site visitors, to allow the Law Society to continue with confidence is its work to develop a best-in-class experience for its visitors. The process also identified content that was less important. This information will allow the society to prioritise future site development around the needs of its visitors and members.

Next Steps

The Law Society team were very receptive to process and the outcomes, and are currently prioritising them for implementation.

Services used

What our client said

“We found this to be a really valuable process for identifying the priorities of our users and enabling us to focus on what matters to them. The various techniques used were very different to anything we had ever been through before, but the support and guidance from UserVision was excellent.”
– Sean Callery, Digital Communications Executive, Law Society of Scotland.

The Law Society of Scotland

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