Land Rover

Accessibility Testing

The challenge

Jaguar Land Rover needed to ensure that their new website was highly accessible, meeting the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and providing an inclusive, usable experience for users.

Since the site was in development, there was an ideal opportunity to review the new site and ensure that it met the required accessibility standards.

What we did

We conducted an extensive web accessibility audit covering the user journeys throughout the site.  These included important pages outlining information about the cars, and highly interactive pages rich in multimedia.

To conduct the audit we applied a variety of accessibility auditing tools and assistive technologies, as well as detailed examination of the coding and multimedia throughout the site.

We documented our findings and recommendations in a detailed report and worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover and the lead web development agency to ensure that changes to ensure accessibility were integrated during the development.

Screenshot of Land Rover Homepage

The outcome

The development of a new site is the best opportunity to ensure accessibility is built into the site, and by integrating the recommendations from our evaluation we helped to deliver a site that is not only aesthetically engaging and usable, but highly accessible to serve the widest possible audience, regardless of disability.

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