Keypoint Technologies UK

The challenge

Keypoint is a software company delivering a unique range of intelligent data input solutions for manufacturers looking for cutting-edge user interfaces for their smartphones, PDAs, notebooks, tablets, and desktops.

They approached User Vision as they had some key questions surrounding user experience/usability of their new software ‘Adaptex’™, a new text entry solution designed for handhelds, laptops and desktops.

Keypoint wanted to find out, through both qualitative and quantitative research, how users would create documents using the ‘Adaptex’™ software, under their own initiative.

What we did

Usability testing was the obvious solution for this issue, and was not a technique Keypoint had used previously so they were keen to see how well it could help them. We tested a range of users from novice to sophisticated users across a range of business sectors.

During each test we monitored keystroke analysis, video recording and data input performance testing. Sixteen text entry tasks were carried out by each individual user and the whole testing process, including the pre-test and post-test questionnaire, took a total of 90 minutes.

Keypoint staff had the ability to watch users carrying out testing through the 1-way mirror which added to the whole experience as they could see, first-hand, people’s reaction to a certain task, their frustrations when something didn’t work properly for them and they could easily see which type of user worked out how to use the product much more quickly.

The outcome

Mobile testing

The results and recommendations presented to Keypoint were concise and practical, highlighting the main results from the usability testing.

Andrew Glen said:

The results are very interesting and further enhance our sales message. It is such a strong marketing message to be able to tell potential clients that the product has been authenticated by an independent 3rd party testing house.

Our corporate presentation now includes a full section on usability testing and the results we obtained from the testing have become core to our sales proposition.

When we showed the usability figures to a large US corporate client recently, they were very impressed and it added a lot of kudos to the meeting. We are keen to do further testing with User Vision on other operating systems.

Having never undertaken usability testing previously, Keypoint are now convinced of the business benefits and competitive advantage this service can bring and we continue to work closely with Keypoint in many areas of innovation and development. “Working with User Vision is a positive experience.

Output from usability tests impacted our product development schedule with user interface changes to our software. More importantly, qualitative and quantitative outputs are now included in our sales presentations to manufacturers: independent tests with users who match the profile of a typical end user customer add weight and authenticity to the features and benefits we present.

I see usability testing as a key element of product marketing and building marketing communications messages.

User Vision were excellent in giving advice both in the set up of the testing and suggesting additional areas we could look at that we hadn’t already specified. They picked up on some of the technical areas e.g. Qwerty keypad entry, and did a tremendous job in sourcing individuals that met our criteria exactly. User Vision covered all aspects in a very professional manner.

Marketing Manager – Keypoint Technologies UK

What our client said

The environment was tranquil, tastefully laid out and there were no distractions; exactly what you would expect to keep people focussed under these conditions.

Product Marketing Manager, Keypoint Technologies UK

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