The Challenge

The waste-reduction and recycling charity, Changeworks conducted a full site redesign in which User Vision was appointed to ensure that the final solution met user needs and expectations.

What We Did

User Vision assisted in defining the information architecture of the new site as well as conducting continuous user testing throughout development up until the site launch.

A co-design workshop facilitated by User Vision brought together the key stakeholders to explore the existing Changeworks personas and establish the features and content to be included in new site.

This exercise had the dual benefit of giving stakeholders a deeper understanding of the users’ perspectives, while helping to identify alternative site solutions that would respond to user’s needs.

The established features from the workshop where then placed in logical groups across the board, emerging a potential site structure.

This structure was then translated into information architecture by User Vision and Changeworks which was verified by customers through an online tree test before being implemented into clickable wireframes.

Further user testing was conducted on the wireframes through one-to-one usability testing, highlighting any potential usability issues prior to launch.

User Vision conducted a second round of user testing on the visual mock-ups provided by the digital agency The Weather, to which the visual design was well received.

Co-design workshop looking at persona needs and expecations

The Outcome

The continuous support and engagement from User Vision has enabled Changeworks to successfully launch their new website with revised content and information architecture based on user needs.

The continuous testing throughout development ensured that there was little to change post site-launch.

This successful project outcome was greatly enhanced though the enthusiasm and desire for change displayed by Changework which also lead to a strong relationship between User Vision and Changeworks.

The New Changeworks Homepage

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