British Council

The challenge

The British Council wanted to assess the effectiveness of some key user journeys across the ‘Schools Online’ site which allows schools to partner with other schools across the globe and share learning materials, academic curriculum’s, and learning goals with students and teachers studying similar topics across the globe.

This exciting and innovative programme was necessarily international in its nature and the British Council wished to ensure there were no user experience barriers that may impact its success.  User Vision was appointed to fully research the experience of administrators, teachers and students in their relevant activities on the site to identify any barriers to creating a successful online global educational partnership via the site.

What we did

Given the role and reach of the British Council and this initiative, the research was conducted through some face to face testing and remote moderated testing with 35 people in 7 countries over a 2-week period. Countries tested abroad included Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, Bangladesh and India.

We engaged with our international network to recruit the specifically defined target users in each country, and we adapted and translated our core test plan for the international regions.  For international studies such as this it is important that there is consistency in the testing process and the analysis, and we pilot tested extensively to reduce any risks.

The outcome

Schools online

Both actionable insights for site improvement and quantitative data was captured as part of an ongoing benchmarking exercise.

The findings and recommendations in terms of the registration process, content and navigation allowed substantial changes that improved the description of the proposition for the Schools Online site, as well as the registration and use of the programme.

We developed recommendations which improved the site proposition message, signposting to the registration process and streamlining of the site navigation.

Crucially, the research helped to identify local and cultural aspects which affected the usage of the site and we provided content and experience design solutions based on the findings of our research.

We have since conducted several other international projects for the British Council to support their user experience programme across the organisation.

What our client said

The team at User Vision really stepped up to the challenge of undertaking testing over a short time frame and in a number of important countries for the British Council.

The findings and considered suggestions for moving forward have been well received and will inform the future direction of the site.

Schools Online Consultant, British Council

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