Aberdeenshire Council

The challenge

Aberdeenshire Council were aware that they had usability problems but were unsure how to address them. In addition, they were concerned about some issues related to the structure of the information on their council website, and User Vision were approached to provide a proposal to address these issues. User Vision were referred to Aberdeenshire Council by Aberdeen City Council.

What we did

User Vision carried out both usability and information architecture (IA) testing on the live Aberdeenshire Council website with citizens of Aberdeenshire to identify usability and IA issues before starting the redevelopment project. The results were delivered in report and presentation format.

Screenshot of Aberdeen Council, Community and Living Section before

The outcome

The presentation was particularly well received and was seen as a major project benefit, resulting in the wide exposure of Council Services to the issue of usability. The great majority of recommendations (estimated as 75%) were implemented in the site redevelopment with the remainder not being technically possible, or being subject to the constraints of the different departments and services.

Some changes were quickly implemented on the site, with the recommended redesign of the site A-Z resulting in a doubling of the number of site hits coming through this route.

Aberdeenshire Council have also recommended User Vision to other Scottish Local Authorities. User Vision were engaged to provide usability consultancy services throughout the redevelopment project.

Screenshot of Aberdeen Council page - After

What our client said

From first meeting to final presentation the approach was impressive and professional. Very good at interpreting our requirements at the same time as introducing new issues to our team.


Internet Project Leader, Aberdeenshire Council

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