Emirates Airline

The challenge

Global brand Emirates Airline is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with powerful brand values for quality and good service. Emirates understand that to sustain its large global market presence it is vital it provides outstanding customer experience online as well as in transit for its business and leisure travellers.

User Vision, one of Europe’s leading user experience agencies, was appointed to work in partnership with the airline and their US design agency to ensure the new flight search and online booking process was smooth and easy to use.

Emirates homepage

What we did

User Vision developed a programme of usability testing with leisure and business customers to investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of the flight search and booking process. This led to valuable qualitative and quantitative results which have been applied to improve the overall site design.

User Vision set up user testing environments in the UK and Dubai, examining carefully selected representative leisure and business travellers, including Emirates customers and non-customers. User Vision monitored the user experience as individual users completed a series of tasks including information finding, making a booking and managing a booking.

This was followed by post-test discussions to capture the experience more widely, and a brand analysis. Emirates staff watched the users live in the sessions and recordings were made for analysis and review following the tests. This added to the whole experience as Emirates could see, first-hand, people’s reaction to specific tasks including the instances where the user had difficulty performing certain parts of the process. Through this exercise the team were able to identify ‘quick win’ solutions as well as validating the business requirements for long term improvements.

The outcome

User Vision analysed the results of the testing and presented its research and recommendations that would help to smooth the user journey through the site. The findings of User Vision’s research shaped the final design of the website ensuring the brand values of quality and good service are replicated in customer experience. The findings applied to the new design also had a positive effect on the conversion rates.

Emirates have experienced some fantastic results from implementing the UX recommendations, including:

  • revenue has increased by 158%
  • bookings by 83%
  • site visitors by 70% year on year.

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