The UX Toolbox - User Research

22 October 2018 - Emma Kirk

Tools on a bench demonstrating the UX toolbox

Understand what makes your users tick

Simply acting on a business’ intuition carries a great risk of creating solutions that baffle users, eventually deterring them from your organisation or business.

Understanding your users and the tasks they perform (or want to perform) is the essential first step to creating user-centred designs and great user experiences. Many businesses apply web analytics or market research to gain some idea of how users interact with them, however getting deeper insights and empirical evidence from researching users in context gives the most accurate picture.

How do we help?

User needs research is the best way to start a project. It provides valuable insights that can be combined with our understanding of your business goals to create a set of user experience success criteria.

User Vision applies several methods including task analysis, ethnographic research, surveys and qualitative research to fully understand user goals and experiences. We analyse the findings and describe the results through reports and personas that capture their knowledge, motivation, experience and demographic factors.

What next?

To learn more about how User Research can help you, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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