GDPR & the User Experience

The link between GDPR & UX The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is designed to enable individuals to better control their personal data, comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Whilst there is plenty of advice out there on … Continued

7 (updated) principles for interaction design

Although first published almost 20 years ago, Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design are still incredibly useful and relevant in the field of interaction design. For example, in his principles, he talks about “Consistency and Standards” which is … Continued

Bringing the conversation back to banking

The arrival of the digital age has disrupted the retail banking industry and changed the relationship between us and our banks. Where banking once meant going into our local branch and interacting with people face to face, digital channels like … Continued

Q&A session with Gerry McGovern

Prior to our upcoming Top Tasks Masterclasses in Edinburgh and London, Gerry McGovern recently took the time to have a Q&A session with us to give an insight into the history behind Top Tasks, the methodology and lots more. Q1. … Continued

Using service design to boost sales and increase profit margins

This article reviews a particularly nice example of how service design was used to fix a behind the scenes problem (in this case too many returns for online retailers), which in turn improved the overall customer experience and boosted sales. What I’m referring to is how to help customers to choose the right size when ordering clothes.

In-car user testing – lessons learned

From websites to applications, to sat navs, all user interfaces require testing to ensure they meet the requirements of the end user. You can use the lab or you can, and should where possible, test in situ. No more so was this the case than with my recent testing of a new sat nav system on the roads of Edinburgh. Here I’ve shared some of my learnings for anyone else considering such an exercise.

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