World Usability Day 2009 open house

As founders of the Scottish Chapter of the Usability Professionals’ Association, and with close ties to the UPA, User Vision has long been a supporter of World Usability Day, with our open-house events running for the past 5 years.

This year was no exception, and with a theme that is extremely topical – ‘Designing for sustainability’ – we rose to the challenge to create more weird and wonderful activities for our clients, partners and just those who are interested to know, to get involved in.

Activities ranged from:

  • trying to collapse a folding bike in 4 ‘easy’ steps
  • setting temperature controls throughout your home using a touch screen
  • comparing energy comparison websites
  • testing the usability of mobile phone websites
  • hearing about the challenges faced by blind people when recycling
  • seeing if anyone can work out how to recycle their rubbish

We have produced articles, blogs, videos and a presentation to show you more about our event:

World Usability Day – Recycling for the blind from User Vision.

We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we, and our clients, enjoyed the event.

We’d also like to thank a few people too:

  • Monty Lilburn – for providing his usual eloquent and fascinating insights into using websites
  • Ken Reid – for taking the time to talk to us about the challenges he faces as a blind person when recycling
  • Honeywell – one of our clients who kindly provided their new temperature control devices
  • Wireless Innovation – for providing us with the HTC Hero mobile phone
  • Edinburgh Bike Cooperative – for loaning us their own brand folding bike
  • Clare Barnett – one of User Vision’s usability consultants, who pulled the whole event together, corralled the User Vision team into action, and made the event another great success.

We look forward to sharing our usability and accessibility findings with you – and look forward to seeing more of you at our World Usability Day event next year!

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