Revolutionising User Experience Research in the UK

3 June 2024 - Emma Kirk

Revolutionising User Experience Research in the UK, powered by MUiQ

We are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with MeasuringU, an industry leader in quantitative and qualitative user research. This collaboration brings MeasuringU’s groundbreaking platform, MUiQ, to the UK market, providing enterprises with unparalleled insights and professional services.

Introducing MUiQ: The Future of User Research

MUiQ, the MeasuringU Intelligent Questioning Platform, is a transformative tool that will now be available to the UK through User Vision. MUiQ delivers a comprehensive suite of features designed to collect and analyse user data with exceptional precision and flexibility. This innovative platform supports mixed-method research methodologies, making it the ideal solution for even the most complex research projects.

Benefits of MUiQ through User Vision

  • Deep Insights into User Behaviour: MUiQ offers unparalleled insights, enabling organizations to understand user behavior at a granular level. This depth of understanding is crucial for making informed, user-centered decisions.
  • Streamlined Processes: The platform’s integrated approach simplifies the research process, allowing for faster data collection and analysis. This leads to quicker, more efficient decision-making.
  • Actionable Data: MUiQ transforms raw data into actionable insights, providing clear, concise information that organisations can use to enhance their products and services.

Empowering Organisations with Expert Insight

At User Vision, we specialise in translating user needs into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making, and enhancing user experiences. Our commitment goes beyond traditional research; we bring a human-centred approach to design, ensuring accessibility and usability for all. User Vision is dedicated to the art and science of understanding users. We empower organisations to uncover deep user insights and craft solutions that elevate user experiences. Our services ensure that accessibility and user satisfaction are at the forefront of design.

MeasuringU’s expertise in user attitudes and experiences complements our mission perfectly. With decades of combined experience, our partnership is set to elevate the standards of UX research in the UK and beyond. MeasuringU is a full-service research firm and software provider specialising in the measurement of user attitudes and experiences. Their tools and methodologies are trusted by organisations worldwide to deliver accurate, actionable insights.

Exciting New Horizons

This marks a significant step forward in our mission to deliver exceptional user research solutions. We are excited to bring MUiQ to our clients and look forward to transforming how organisations understand and engage with their users.

We are excited for the collaboration between User Vision and MeasuringU to bring MUIQ to the UK market. User Vision’s local expertise, paired with the robust capabilities of the MUIQ platform, will level up your UX Research.
Jeff Sauro - Founder & CEO: MeasuringU

For more information about MUiQ and how User Vision can help your organisation leverage this powerful tool, contact us at to request a demo.

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