A day in the life ... Shaun

5 September 2022 - Shaun Leishman

Under the sea

One thing that has stuck in my mind since starting at User Vision is on one of my first days, I was told that they had just as much responsibility for my growth as I did and it stopped me in my tracks. They challenged the idea of what people think career development should look and feel like. They care so much about trying to give as much as possible so that they can get the best out of everyone, which is also unbelievably valuable to the individual. Something changed in me after hearing those initial words and it is most definitely bringing out a confidence in me that I couldn’t access before.

From my perspective, research is like looking underwater for the first time and seeing blurry shapes and trying to figure out what those objects are. The more focused you are on the blurry shapes, the more understanding you can give to what that shape is and why it’s there. My experience at User Vision has been a lot like this, as well as feeling like I am learning to swim again at the same time. It has brought out a new sense of curiosity and has equipped me with the right tools in order to progress my understanding of the world. I am grateful for the guidance User Vision has given me so far and as such I decided to write a poem with respect to my experience and feeling towards this wonderful workplace.

Vision below the surface

The biggest deep end I was pushed into by myself

But it became clear what was under the surface

I was meant to be here, held weightless

This is where we discover the undiscovered

Drawing maps in my head while my eyes are still closed

So I can help others to see


These are the waters unfamiliar to my sight

But It protected me, like a hand held out just incase

Inviting me to learn more about this way of seeing

I opened my eyes and couldn’t do anything but pay attention

Blurry we see, as the water touched my eyes

It became more worth the while to ask questions


These are the depths I was used to

but further the journey pulled me in

I am grateful for such a place that is forever changing

Like never having a favourite colour

Getting lost in the idea of natural correction

Even though it tells you, you are where you are meant to be


It’s just wonderful that way

Seeing blurry shapes but forming an understanding for it

When the noisiness becomes the sharpest idea

You know what vision is capable of below the surface

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