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Accessibility Review of Online Retailers Part 6: Not on The High Street

For today’s mini accessibility audit, we are focusing on the online retailer notonthehighstreet.com. This site focuses on products which are out of the ordinary and a little bit unique in comparison to what we expect to find on the high … Continued

Accessibility Review of Online Retailers Part 4: Joules

The focus for our next accessibility audit is Joules.com. Joules is a UK based premium lifestyle brand which sells its own branded clothing, accessories and homeware. On their site they provide an accessibility statement listing their commitment to achieving Level … Continued

Accessibility Review of Online Retailers Part 2: Mothercare

We were impressed by Mothercare’s approach to how they do business in today’s market. For them an emphasis on community and people is key as they “believe that parenting and raising children is an essential foundation for the society we … Continued

World Usability Day 2016 – Web Performance and User Experience

The topic for World Usability Day 2016 was ‘Sustainable User Experience’. Being sustainable is being able to maintain, support and uphold products and services to create the best experience for individuals. Sustainability and UX are closely related as they both … Continued