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Accessibility Review of Online Retailers

Just before the Christmas Break, an article appeared on the BBC website about the accessibility of shops. The article highlighted that retailers were: “missing out on £249 billion because many are inaccessible to disabled customers”. The focus on the article … Continued

Airline Web Accessibility: Post US DOT Deadline Round Up

Round the world in 8 Days We are pleased to say we can conclude our round the world airline accessibility review, having looked at the six airlines (one from each continent) to see how they have approached the new US … Continued

Airline web accessibility – Part 7: Singapore Airlines

In our last review in our round the world airline website accessibility we look to the Far East with Singapore Airlines. As one of the top airlines in the world for customer service, we have high expectations but does that translate into an accessible experience in the real world?

Airline web accessibility – Part 6: Qantas

Coming towards the end of our round the world airline accessibility review, it’s time to head down under and see how Qantas have performed in delivering the accessibility guidelines. We had a good feeling about Latam Airlines so can Qantas keep up and deliver a great and accessible booking experience?

Airline web accessibility – Part 5: Latam Airlines

Following on in our series on airline web accessibility, we turn our attention to Latam Airlines which operate out of South America. Can the South Americans out-perform their North American cousins or the Europeans?

Airline Web Accessibility – Part 4: Ethiopian Airlines.

Part 4 of our series on airline accessibility sees us look at Ethiopian Airlines for the African representation. So far we have seen sites that would fail and audit and are therefore won’t comply with the new DOT web accessibility legislation. Can Ethiopian Airlines do any better and be a serious contender?

Airline Web Accessibility: Post US DOT Deadline Review Part 1

US DOT now requires airlines flying into the US to have accessible websites. Over the coming days, we’ll evaluate six of them.

We need your help! RFQ for Disabled User Testing

We have been asked on behalf of one of our clients to conduct a round of user usability testing for disabled users, in America.

Selfridges – User Experience Review

Senior Consultant Ed Chandler gives his User Experience Review of Selfridges online.

Services to watch out for in 2015

Having had a cracking Christmas and New Year period, it’s time to look forward to new services in 2015. 

Engaging with users – mobile diary studies

For this years World Usability Day we ‘Engaged’ our visitors in a mobile dairy study. We have the results and useful tools summarised in this article.

The Ryanair Homepage Makeover

Love it or hate, RyanAir finally give their website a well overdue makeover, But how is the User Experience?