Continued support during COVID-19

How the User Vision team can support your projects during the Coronavirus pandemic

The User Vision team would like to share our solidarity with everyone that has been affected in any way by the pandemic we are all facing.

Our team is now all working remotely to keep them, and others, as safe as possible, and to ensure we do our bit in upholding the government guidelines.

Remote working is not new to User Vision, as we do this for many of our global clients. As such we already have everything in place to continue to support your projects, no matter where, or what, they may be.

In the current climate, your digital touchpoints are more important than ever, and in many instances will be the only means of you & your customers engaging with each other. There are an incredibly wide range of methods we can use to help you optimise these touchpoints and continue to engage with your customers in the most effective way. User Vision only uses methods and software that we have rigorously tried and tested and know to be the best.

Activities include:

  • Remote research: interviews, remote moderated testing (desktop & mobile), focus groups, diary studies, mobile ethnography, surveys, Top Tasks and True Intent studies
  • Streaming of research sessions to your remote team so you never miss any key insights
  • Recruitment of remote participants for research - remember there will be lots of people happy and able to engage with research activities and very grateful for incentives to do so
  • All meetings, co-creation workshops, feeback sessions etc run with web conferencing technologies including Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • UX and Accessibility training courses, together with our popular Breakfast Briefings, all now delivered online
  • Accessibility audits with access to live updates on issue reporting for you & your development team
  • Expert evaluations of the user experience
  • Creation of prototypes using collaborative tools, and built for remote research.

Please contact us for advice and to discuss your needs.

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