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Tools for Designers





This breakfast briefing will unpack the very best programmes in the ever growing list of software available for designers to use. We will be looking at the flagship tools used today and their individual strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss how these tools can be used to work alongside each other to our benefit, and we will also be exploring how design teams within functioning organisations apply these tools to their own workflows.

So please come and join us, its FREE and breakfast is on us.

Timings for the briefing are as follows:

8am: Breakfast served

8.15am: Briefing

9am: Q&A

9.30am: Wrap Up

We look forward to seeing you there.

Your trainers

About Steven Fullerton

Steve Fullerton works with clients to get to the heart of what users need. He then offers solutions and makes them happen. Fully CPUX-F and CPUX-UT certified, his experience includes over four years as a UX/UI Designer at ICAS. In the world of UX, he’s passionate about interface design and prototyping, app design and experience.

When he’s in his own world, Steve’s interests include travel, photography and running.

Specialisms and interests: usability testing and research methodologies, interface design, prototyping, expert reviews

Venue details

User Vision, 55 North Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3qQA

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