Experience design

Design is no longer restricted to looks. It’s about creating an experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Every click of a mouse or swipe on a smartphone is a step in your users’ journey through your software or digital product. It’s also an opportunity for your organisation to meet, exceed or fall short of the user’s expectations. This is why user experience design matters and needs to be treated carefully.

We put your users’ and your organisation’s needs at the centre of the design process. Our recommendations for user-centred design are based on a solid foundation of research and a proven strategy that provides results.

User Vision analyses the backbone of your content, the Information Architecture, through empirical methods and tests its functionality on your users. Our findings are documented through detailed reports, site maps and personas that clearly describe the user experience opportunities..

Example of wireframes

To evolve the design to a truly user-centred stage we create wireframes and prototypes to allow us, your organisation and the end users to navigate and explore the draft new site in its raw form. Throughout the design process, these prototypes are checked regularly with the help of usability testing and expert evaluation. This allows your developers to constantly improve the user experience.

The result is an experience designed with your users in mind, not only allowing them to complete the task at hand, but enjoying the process along the way.

Experience Design

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