Building new digital content without knowing what is good about your existing content would be like building a house without a solid foundation.

If you are keen to improve your user experience, the best place to start is by measuring and evaluating your current solution and the new options you are considering.

User Vision applies proven and robust methods to analyse your current user experience, whether that involves a website, mobile phone app or a customer journey across many different devices and touchpoints.

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We consider all of the crucial elements of your users’ journey; starting with the design and layout to the information architecture of your content and across full user journeys from the home page to the checkout.

Depending on the scope of your project, budgets and timeframes, our evaluation includes empirical methods such as usability testing with end users or rapid, structured analysis through expert evaluations. We also evaluate website accessibility through accessibility audits and testing with disabled users.

In any case we draw on our extensive experience working with hundreds of leading blue-chip clients and public sector organisations to identify any areas likely to cause a user experience problem. Most importantly, we always provide clear recommendations on how the user experience can be improved.

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