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Breakfast Briefing- 19th June 2018: Can user experiences be too easy?

Jun 2018

This breakfast briefing is a re-run of User Vision’s very own Jessica Cameron’s talk from UX Scotland last week,  If you were not able to make that, then please come & join us and hear it in a more intimate setting.

We check our mobiles 85 times a day, habitually and without conscious planning.  We respond to Facebooks like rats do to sugar solutions.  We let You Tube’s algorithms determine what our kids watch.  We choose potential life partners by swiping right.  We like it when websites tell us what to buy, we converse using pictures of small yellow faces, and we have conversations with our appliances.

Sure, all of these things are easy to do.  But at what point does engaging with technology become too easy? Should we create user experiences that maintain a bit of friction, to remind us that we still have the capacity for complex social interactions and effortful decision making?

We’ll take some time to discuss these questions.

So, please come and join us, it’s free and breakfast is on us.

Timings for the briefing are as follows:

 8am: Breakfast served

 8.15am: Briefing

 9am: Q&A

 9.30am: Wrap Up 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Venue information

User Vision

55 North Castle Street Edinburgh, EH2 3QA United Kingdom


19 June 2018 , 8:00 am - 9:30 am


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