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CPUX-UT Advanced Training & Certification Exam

Aug 2018

User Vision is now offering a CPUX advanced training course for the internationally recognised UX professionals qualification – Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX) Usability Testing.  This is available to those who have already passed the CPUX-Foundation exam.  

Our new training provides a professional 3-day UX certification programme covering usability evaluation methods and theories – in particular usability testing.  It was created in association with the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) and, like the Foundation course, there are plenty of hands-on exercises to apply your skills. It is independently assessed/certified by the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) through a two-part exam covering both theory and practical demonstration.

What is CPUX and CPUX-UT?

CPUX-UT (CPUX-Usability Testing) is one of the four advanced qualifications of the CPUX curriculum that focuses on the preparation, moderation and analysis of usability tests.  It builds on the foundation course with much more focus on the evaluation stage of the user-centred design process, including variations of usability testing. It is an international standard to qualify individuals who are professionally involved in developing or ensuring the usability or user experience of products, software and digital solutions. 50% of the course will be spent on practical exercises like writing test tasks, moderation, and communicating usability test results.

Why take this training?

This course is the perfect way to grow your UX knowledge if you are involved or interested in usability testing, whether you are a user researcher, product manager, software developer or designer.  Through the course and practical exercises you will:

  • Ensure that your knowledge of usability testing and related methods is completely up to date
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that follow the best practice and established conventions
  • Learn the practical techniques and understand the technology that is involved in a various types of usability testing, from short guerrilla tests to detailed lab-based studies
  • Have a recognised qualification to demonstrate your knowledge of usability testing

What will I learn?

This advanced course on usability testing provides detailed knowledge on the best practices for usability testing and related user research methods.

  • Planning: How to plan tests, write test scripts, and discussion guides, create accurate and representative test tasks, pilot test your plans and recruit the right users no matter where they are
  • Execution: Preparing for the test day, briefing the participants, conducting the pre-session interview, options for moderating the test sessions, introducing test tasks, observing participants and debriefing. You will also learn ways for the test observers to capture data throughout the tests.
  • Communication of results: How to Analyse the results, prepare the test report, perform affinity mapping ( KJ-method) and create video highlights
  • Quantitative usability tests: Ways to measuring usability accurately and correctly, creating quantifiable evidence of the user experience
  • Other forms of usability testing: Discount methods, remote testing and observation, unmoderated usability testing, Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation ( RITE), A/B and multivariate testing, integrating testing into agile development, retrospective recall, eye-tracking,
  • Ethics and usability testing: How to ensure your test process follows best practice for observers and participants
  • Communication: How to “Sell” the concept of usability tests and the test results themselves to your colleagues
  • Other usability evaluation methods: Performing Usability Inspections, heuristic evaluations and cognitive walkthroughs and accurate, balanced surveys

Want to know more? Download the course curriculum to have a look.

Course modules and prices

Like with the Foundation course, we are offering options in the way you get this qualification. You can choose to take the full three-day course concluding with the independent theoretical and practical examination, or you can take the certification exam on its own.  The options are below:

  • Full 3 day course and certification with independent theoretical and practical examination, £1,650 + VAT
  • Certification only: independent theoretical and practical examination, £550 + VAT

We’re also offering a 5% discount for UXPA members – just enter your UXPA membership number and this code: UXPAUSERVISION when purchasing your tickets.

Venue information

User Vision

55 North Castle Street Edinburgh, EH2 3QA United Kingdom


August 20 , 9:30 am - August 22 , 4:30 pm


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