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NAB High Street Branch
NAB High Street Branch

The challenge

User Vision has supported National Australia Bank for several years across a variety of projects, spanning both personal and business banking, to ensure the user’s needs are considered throughout any redesign and site optimisation process. As online mortgages are extremely complex and very difficult to present clearly,

Wireframe design used in testing
Wireframe design used in testing

User Vision were asked to carry out usability testing of the mortgage area of the Clydesdale Bank site. This was being given more of a consumer-led direction by focusing on what the user would like to do when researching a mortgage, rather than merely providing a product overview from which content is selected. For this particular project a clickable prototype was developed to cater for specific user journeys to test the screen flow and content provided as the user journey moved deeper into the site.

What we did

The first part of the study focused on the user needs, identifying the sort of information they would need to make for an engaging and helpful user experience and ultimately help drive users through the mortgage research process. Usability testing was carried out to examine the effectiveness of the mortgage section of the Clydesdale Bank prototype site by assessing navigation, Information Architecture (IA), labelling and user journeys through the site. Users carried out five different tasks to assess a range of areas within the prototype including a review of the mortgage homepage design, making mortgage enquiries as well as navigating through the agreement in principle process. Different audience types were carefully recruited for testing to represent Clydesdale Bank’s target audience including mortgage customers coming to the end of their current mortgage terms and looking for a new deal with a new provider, as well as those looking for a new deal with their current provider. All had varying levels of understanding about mortgages and the process involved as well as different ‘fear/trust’ levels with the product that need support through online tools and enhanced functionalities.

The outcome

National Australia Group received our recommendations for the Clydesdale Bank site within a report that also detailed existing good practices discovered during testing. The reports received praise for their practical solutions and being very easy to interpret and implement. User Vision presented the main findings from the testing to National Australia Bank at a workshop to allow discussion around the main points. This project informed the structure, layout and content of the Clydesdale Bank site design to best fit the users’ needs and expectations within a competitive market.

The new Clydesdale Bank Mortgage section
The new Clydesdale Bank Mortgage section

A large number of the recommendations made by User Vision were implemented, as well as best practices maintained.

The recommendations were implemented across both the Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank sites, and did not impact the development cycle. Usability consultancy from User Vision is currently ongoing with this project.


What our client said

User Vision reacted quickly to the brief; using a relatively cheap method of prototyping we tested this with a well chosen audience.
From the feedback we made a number of very crucial changes, and were able to go to full build of the site with a strong level of confidence.

Web Development Manager, National Australia Group

Fantastic to work with, I was really impressed with User Vision and the support they gave us. Gave us proof of the changes that are required to move our online strategy forward. Would definitely work with User Vision again in the future.

Online Customer Experience Manager, Clydesdale Bank

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