The challenge

Monster wanted to improve the overall experience on their web site, beginning with a redesign of their home page to reflect their upcoming “Monster Works for Me” advertising campaign and deliver a richer, more compelling experience with fewer decision points.

Goals included increasing page views and visitors, job searches, account creations and resume postings. User Vision worked with Monster to assist in this in the UK.

Screenshot of Monster homepage -Before

What we did

User Vision undertook in-depth customer research in the form of usability testing with employers, recruiters and job seekers, to refine the creative solutions and optimise the user experience from home page and beyond.

Monster wanted to be presented in the widest context, highlighting interactive and engaging elements such as the breadth of content and sense of community within the site provided via online discussions, and these areas were explored in particular to assess how well these met their online audience’s expectations.

The outcome

The iterative testing showed marked improvements throughout, and post launch Monster were pleased to report that:

  • Page views per visitor increased over 16%
  • Job views/visits increased over 6%
  • Resumes posted increased over 18%
  • Accounts opened increased over 38%

Screenshot of Monster homepage - after

Let’s get started

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