The challenge

Eircom, Ireland’s leading fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company, wanted to investigate and improve the key user journeys for potential customers comparing and choosing their broadband packages. This included choosing from standard offerings and new products such as eFibre which is available only in certain parts of the country.

They wished to improve the tone and clarity of messages and choices of service package so that customers could better distinguish between the options. Eircom wanted potential customers to understand the benefits, feel confident in their choice and therefore be more likely to proceed to purchase.

As a secondary goal Eircom wished to improve the experience and success rate for existing customers requiring support for technical, billing or other reasons.

Screenshot of Eircom homepage - Before

What we did

User Vision conducted user research and usability testing sessions in Ireland on prototypes for various user journeys including the purchase path from mobile to desktop. We performed the tests with twelve representative existing customers and non-customers who were in the market for broadband and telecoms services

We tested paper and electronic prototypes of the desktop and mobile screens for the new user journeys, with rapid iteration of the screens based on the results. We gained a deep insight to the users’ understanding of each broadband package and tracked their performance and confidence throughout the user journeys, including the handover from mobile to desktop.

We also investigated the broadband online help for existing customers through various support scenarios and asking users to recall their own actual instances of requiring such support. We observed closely and gained valuable insights into customers’ strategies and behaviour as they followed the self-service paths.

The outcome

The specific results of this work are confidential. However, the recommendations we provided gave Eircom a deep understanding of the decision making process of potential customers and the barriers typically encountered in making a potentially confusing choice.

Our recommendations led to important text and layout changes for both the mobile and desktop site, resulting in a checkout process with a significantly higher conversion rate. Eircom gained actionable insights to more persuasively describe and communicate their suite of products to potential customers, as well as improve the experience of customers seeking support online.

Screenshot of Eircom Dashboard page - After

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