Accessibility statement

Our website has been designed with a diverse range of users in mind: whether you are an IT expert or someone who uses technology to help simplify their life, we want to make sure our information is easily accessible to everyone.

We know that people visit our website from a huge range of different devices and have therefore taken a number of steps to allow you to see our information the way you want to see it, including a responsive design to present our content flexibly in a range of different browsers.

For more information about accessibility guidelines in general and features specific to this site, email us at [email protected]. We’re also keen to hear your comments on and suggestions for our website.

Accessibility guidelines

Our website has been developed following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2 (WCAG2), published by international standards organisation W3C. We meet all of the requirements for their Level A criteria as well as many from both Level AA and Level AAA, including:

  • Using meaningful ALT (alternative) text for all images to provide a description
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text
  • Providing navigational short cuts for users of text-only browsers and page readers
  • Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme
  • Using an easy to read font type, size and colour

However we’re always keen to improve.  If you encounter any accessibility barriers while using our site please let us know.

Site-specific features


Navigating a website is about getting you to the information you seek as easily as possible. Specifically for those using screen readers, we have provided hidden navigation links at the top of each page (which is where screen readers usually start) that allow you to skip directly to the main content, helping you to easily navigate within our site.

For more information about modifying your computer’s settings to increase accessibility please visit the BBC’s ‘My Web My Way’.

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