Sleep Out Success

The User Vision team joined the 8,000 strong crowd who experienced what it is like to sleep out in the park on a cold (-6°!) winters night. The aim? To raise as much money as possible in order to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

So, how did the sleep out make them feel?

A really unique and challenging experience. Very happy to have been able to take part and spread the word further about this amazing event and most importantly help in raising so much money for this issue. Glad to be one step further in eradicating homelessness for good!

Marie Moyles

…I had money in my pocket, I knew I was safe and had a warm bed to go back to on Sunday. It made me think about those people who aren’t so lucky to have those choices.

Natalie Simpson

heading in to the gardens for sleep in the park

I found the experience extremely thought-provoking and humbling. I am delighted that Social Bite has raised the profile of the need to eradicate homelessness in Scotland and moreover to provide the additional support required to help rehabilitate people and help them integrate back into the community.

Emma Kirk

I am so pleased to be part of this campaign to reduce homelessness in Scotland. The night was very cold and uncomfortable but I am thankful that its just one night for me and our effort will help reduce the numbers having that experience.

Chris Rourke

survival bags all laid out at sleep in the park

What an amazing opportunity to come together with all walks of life from Scottish society and do something together that will make a significant impact on the problem of homelessness in this country.  It was cold for sure, but a night that won’t quickly be forgotten!

Steve Denning

Setting up their bedrooms looking very cold

And how did they do?

Money raised:

  • User Vision has raised £1,490 so far! A fantastic achievement. Thanks to all those who have supported us.
  • The other sleepers and their fundraisers raised an incredible £2.7m
  • Clydesdale Bank committed an additional £0.5m
  • Social Bite also received an anonymous donation of a further £0.5m

That brings the total raised so far to £3.7m! WOW! (And you can still donate until Christmas)


  • EdIndex which includes The City of Edinburgh Council and a number of housing associations including Dunedin Canmore, Castle Rock Edinvar and Port of Leith Housing Association have collectively offered an amazing 275 homes for homeless people in Edinburgh
  • Wheatley Group has pledged an additional 200 homes for people in Glasgow and the central belt
  • If you include the Social Bite Village, that’s 495 homes across the central belt!
  • Social Bite will now be working to find partnerships for similar commitments in other cities in Scotland

The money raised will help fund the support structure for the people moving into these tenancies. This will include addiction support, getting a bank account in their name, support with mental health, helping them into employment and more – removing them from the cycle of homelessness and finally including them IN our society.

Together we have all taken a massive step toward ending homelessness in Scotland.

Thanks again for all your support!

User Vision

(You can still donate to this great cause until Christmas Eve.)

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