Combining Omni-channel and CRO

CRO  Funnel86% of people surveyed in Econsultancy’s Multichannel Retail Survey believe that retailers need to operate across the various channels, yet how many actually provide the magic Omni-channel presence?  Not only is it now vital for brands to operate their business across all channels, it’s critical that they do so with the user experience at the core.

New channels and platforms create new user issues

In this day and age, having the technology available on every device is not enough.  With the extra channels come further potential usability issues.

Brands need to not only teach their consumers how to engage with them across all channels, they also need to resolve potential usability issues that could lead to abandoned transactions through a well utilised Conversion Optimisation strategy.

The broad reach of Conversion Rate Optimisation

A clearly defined usability strategy should not only concentrate on running tests to optimise content on one device, it should highlight any potential issues across your brand; ensuring messaging, design, content, functionality and the look and feel are consistent across each channel and customer touch point.

If you don’t, then you’re likely to put off potential, and loose current, users to your competition.

Do the user research first

Conversion Rate Optimisation highlights the importance of ensuring your brand is conveyed with a seamless user experience across all channels.

Only by conducting research into who your users are can you really know:

  • what they want, and at what stage or on what platform they want it?
  • what demographic group your users come from
  • what influences their decisions (how do you ‘personalise’ their experience)
  • when campaigns should target them
  • and ultimately, what do they want from you on each platform?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a full service offering that involves conducting actual user testing to get to grips with your customer in order to fully optimise your site on each device.

By evaluating the key messaging they encounter, the landing pages they peruse and the effectiveness of the conversion path, it is then possible to define changes and run tests that will optimise their experience (and ultimately your Return on Investment).

It’s only by providing a consistent experience across all platforms and channels that brands can hope to truly engage users and meet their needs.

In summary

A consistent experience available across all platforms / channels not only effectively engages your customers it now meets their expectations in a consistently changing and developing digital landscape, incorporating their now varied needs.

Don’t get left behind the competition.  Start developing your digital strategy and tackle the Omni / one web we are now in, but do it with usability at the forefront.

Check out our Breakfast Briefing presentation on CRO for more information on approach and benefits.

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