User Vision celebrates 10 year anniversary!

User Vision, one of Europe’s leading independent user experience consultancies, celebrated its tenth anniversary this month with over 100 clients and partners at the atmospheric underground venue of the Caves in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

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Launched in 2000, User Vision has grown organically and remains free from venture capital. The company has pioneered usability and accessibility, working with organisations like the BBC, Sainsbury’s Bank, NHS, Epson, NPower, HSBC, Nokia and Emirates Airline.

Operating internationally in Dubai, Europe, and South America, User Vision is a powerful, independent force in usability and accessibility and provides a holistic and persuasive user experience across many channels and platforms.

Emma Kirk, User Vision Strategic Director explains:

We are extremely proud of the work we have done over the past ten years, the team we have built and the innovations we have achieved. We believe passionately in the importance of user experience and after ten years, it is gratifying to see it increasingly considered at the start of the design process.

The decade has seen many milestones for the company including opening the UK’s first fully comprehensive multi-media testing lab with eye tracking. For the first time interactive TV (iTV), remote control activity, mobile and the internet could be tested simultaneously in a single user experience.

The BBC was the first company to use User Vision’s Interactive Lounge when it tested a service allowing users to browse, record, rate, recommend and share programme content from any source and to access that content anywhere from any device.

In 2008 User Vision won a coveted place in the BBC’s Innovation Labs, a series of creative workshops for interdisciplinary teams of independent new media and technology companies from across England, Scotland and Wales. User Vision contributed to the Interactive TV lab to develop a Cross Media Zoomable User Interface.

The innovative technology to measure emotion, Emotion Tool™, was brought to the UK by User Vision. Based on cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, Emotion Tool™ measures the emotional impact an image creates for the viewer. The technology helps interpret consumer emotional response to adverts and packaging.

User Vision’s international client-base was able to watch research carried out in Edinburgh, live from the comfort of their home or office when the company announced its partnership with Stream Team.

For six years, User Vision has taken an active part in World Usability Day, running a popular Open House event for clients and consumers. World Usability Day was founded by the Usability Professionals’ Association to help raise awareness of the field, with various annual themes from sustainability and health care to transport.

Specialising in usability testing, web accessibility, eye tracking, user needs assessments and expert usability evaluations, User Vision tests and improves user experience across many platforms including websites, interactive TV, software, mobile phones, keyboards, and consumer products.

At the heart of User Vision’s work lies the basic concept that a website or product that is easy to use gives a business competitive advantage. The company takes a straightforward, practical approach to user needs analysis, problem solving and usability testing, leading to effective design solutions.

While User Vision is celebrating this important milestone, they are looking forward to the future challenges and opportunities of user experience in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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