Live web streaming from User Vision to desktops around the world

User Vision’s international client-base can now watch focus groups and user test sessions carried out in Edinburgh, live from the comfort of their home or office. This move strengthens User Vision’s position at the cutting edge of UK customer insight research.

Live video and audio web streaming from User Vision will provide clients valuable insight through live observation as companies increasingly look to save travel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

User Vision’s offices in Edinburgh and London already ensure a broad geographic reach for its clients. This new service from Stream Team, which is exclusively provided in Edinburgh by User Vision, extends that reach further giving researchers a cost effective way of reaching their audience and viewing their live research sessions remotely.

The software allows observers not only to watch and listen but also share comments and opinions with other observers and even the moderator through a messaging panel.

User Vision is one of Europe’s leading independent user experience consultancies, specialising in providing customer insights through depth interviews, focus groups , usability testing , web accessibility , and eye tracking .

The web streaming software from Stream Team has been developed by researchers, for researchers. User Vision will use the software during tests and research across many platforms including websites, interactive TV, software, mobile phones, keyboards, and even consumer products.

Priced significantly lower than the only other product on the market, Stream Team offers a straightforward and cost efficient solution for User Vision’s clients and the cost stays the same no matter how many observers there are.

User Vision’s state of the art viewing facilities – User Vision Focus – are based in the heart of Edinburgh with usability labs, depth interview studios, and focus group rooms as well as the UK’s first fully comprehensive multi-media testing lab.

Emma Kirk, User Vision’s Strategic Director says:

“In this climate, where every penny counts, User Vision is delighted to partner with Stream Team and bring this cost effective solution to our clients.

We can now bring our user testing and focus group sessions to a wider client audience and all without them needing to leave their office. For our international clients this will be a great benefit.”

Recordings are stored for up to a month allowing wider observation from other interested parties within the client or design team. The software is extremely secure and is encrypted before it is streamed with pins, user names and passwords provided to allow access.

Pez Demtriou from Stream Team comments:

“We have great pleasure adding User Vision to our network of Stream Team Viewing Facilities, we are now able to offer our cost effective quality streaming in Edinburgh as well as numerous locations all over the world.”

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